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Going Online: Social Media Marketing 101

Online promotion is a very vast field to talk about. The digital world is a whole new universe itself. The easiest way to explain social media marketing probably would be giving you the basic idea of online promotion.

Online promotion is promoting your business through online, in this case through social media. In our country digital promotion is still a very new concept. Among all other social media sites facebook is still the most popular and commonly used for promotion in our country. So it seems to be easy to understand social media promotion if I use facebook marketing process as example.

Promoting a business on facebook starts with creating a page for the business according it’s category. After creating the page obviously comes the part of boosting the page to reach targeted market which can be done very easily just by following the instructions appears on the page. As more as people get to know about your page, the more your business is promoted. And just like that, seems pretty easy huh? Well here comes the tricky part. See it’s not just really about reaching or getting likes on your page, it’s about getting actual people who would be your actual probable clients. So you need to know how to get to the actual consumers. Then by our page, posts or contents have to make sure that most of the people you reach like you just seeing a glimpse of it. And this is when you need the experience and expertise of a digital agency to promote your business.

This is it for now, hope you’ve enjoyed it. This is S. M. MaSuk Hossain signing off today. Till next time, take care & enjoy life…

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