The Shouting

Creating a global consumer group

Today the world is one big market connected through technology and internet. Mobile is likely the major element for get connected through the internet. According to research, by 2018 around 2.3 billion people will be using internet on their mobile phones around the world.

People get engaged on what they feel essential to them on internet, on social media. As one of the major social media, facebook helps run business globally. Today 1.57 billion people visit facebook everyday, and they get connected at list to one foreign business. Facebook has become one of the favorite choice for resource and information, and so a way to spread a business globally. So facebook has introduced a new way for your business to go international.

“Lookalike Audience tool” is a new and smart way to promote your business globally. It’s as simple as it sounds, works with similarity. It simply takes your local customer type and helps to find similar group of people in other countries. It helps o find people around the world who have similar needs that your business serves by uploading a list of their existing customers and hi-potential leads.

That was the basic idea of a new way to get global for business using facebook. And it has more than that to know about, but that’s it for today. Hope you have enjoyed it. Till next time, enjoy life.

S. M. MaSuk Hossain

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